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tv   Authors Discuss President Trump  CSPAN  December 23, 2017 2:59pm-3:46pm EST

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thank you. that is a good note to end on. >> you are actually a very -- an expert anthropologist. >> i would like to think so, thank you, thank you, i appreciate it. thank you so much. i'm going to be signing books. .. president trump.
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[applause] >> they had to use them by the end of the semester. it didn't give them an extra one? they turned out in such big numbers to vote, don't take it personally. it has nothing to do with you is >> we have some very special guests here today. first i want to mention there's an article i tweeted out last night mat compliments you as a student body. from virginia business magazine, and it is about how liberty -- how you as students have gone the extra mile to serve others and fulfill the christian mission of the school. i really think you'll enjoy it if you take time to read it.
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by heather hayes, a local reporter who wrote for the magazine, and so if you get a chance, take a look at that. you'll be brought of proud of yourselves. steve strang is here, the founder of charisma magazine. a businessman and author. also -- his newest book is "god and donald trump." steve is charisma magazine -- i've always heard has a bigger circulation than christianity today. i believe that's still true. he is just doing an incredible work in the christian world, and so many ways. thank you for being here, steve, and also, we have corey lewandoski, political operator, a commentator for fox news, cnn. we became good friends during the campaign because he was at the former campaign manager for donald trump's 2016 presidential campaign. he is co-author of the book "let
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trump be trump." everybody knows if you don't let him be him, you're going to get kicked out. i think that's a good title. david bossie is also here. david and corey have been on news shows all week, fox and other networks. talking about their book, but david has served as president of citizens united since 2001, as deputy campaign manager for trump's 2016 campaign, he was ranked number two in the politico's top 50 most influential people in american politics. he is co-author of the book i just mentioned, "let trump be trump." producing 25 documentaries since 2000 and coproduced six feet temperature length films. so please welcome our guests to liberty university. steve, corey and dave. [applause] >> we know you have exams coming out so we'll try to get you out early today.
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[applause] >> is this the second combo you have done with center for law and government? this is the second convocation. robert heads the center for law and government. former congressman from southern virginia, and he only stayed in, what, four years? >> six years. >> got out. i wish they'd always get out after six years. >> where do you want me to sit? okay. >> told know sit here. all right. i'll let you guys lead off and just tell us, steve, start with you. tell us what you have been doing with charisma magazine and what -- tell us about the new book and just anything you'd like.
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>> charisma magazine is a spiritual magazine but be devote ore october issue to trump and pressured articles from christian prophets who predicted he would win against all odds, and he did. that led one thing to another until i wrote this book because i thought it was a important to talk about the spiritual aspect of what is going on, not just the politics. >> well, you supported cruz first, right? >> boo. >> i've head so many christians come up to me and tell me recently, i supported cruz. i thought you were crazy when you supported trump. but you turned out to be right. and -- >> you were right. >> said things like david -- like supreme court justice gorsuch and you see trump recognizing jerusalem as capital
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of israel. you have to -- mike evans, big supporter on that issue, is calling trump the modern day equivalent of king cyrus from the old testament. want to comment some. >> i agree. in fact for me that was kind of wife it made me vote for trump, because he is not the kind of person that evangelicals would more -- someone more like mike huckabee is more my speed, but a friend of mine said that he believed that god was raising him up like cyrus, and the bible says, and isaiah 45, i have called you even though you did not know me. it was like -- the people in the bible were not perfect at all, but yet god used them and used a pagan king from persia to send his people back to jerusalem. >> so many recent republican leaders, presidents and otherwise, have made -- like
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jesus said, many clean the outside of the platter but inside -- i keep going back to that passage, and i think -- >> absolutely right. >> they say, they seem look the good, decent people, good family people, but when it comes down to -- look how they acted when trump won. they have been trying to sabotage him ever since and they just don't act anything but christian. >> amazing thing is he is championed the values you and i would most of the students would believe . in better than people who had better credentials, like george w. bush who was a good man but he didn't come through on a lot of stuff. trump is coming through again and again and again, and i believe that gradually the people who don't like him are going to come over. >> that's why i think when it comes to politics, jesus separated. he said render into caesar things that are caesar and -- >> i always say that. [applause] >> but you can't judge somebody
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according to how good they are and decide on who you're going to vote on based on that it because we're all sinners and jesus said if you ever lusted after a woman in your heard, you're just as guilty as the guy who has had adultery. so all the same. you vote for the one who is going to vote the way you think is best for your country, and i think that's what screen evangelicals did. >> that's so much hypocrisy where people have so minute stuff in their past, the pounded their finger an someone else. >> they just didn't get caught. >> we believe people can change and i document that ten years ago, something happened to donald trump's life. he started cleaning up his act. started watching christian television, started thinking about the future, and i believe that he is a very different kind of man than some of the bad stereotypes we're familiar with. >> i was the only one willing to go on tv and say that after the "access hollywood" video came out. corey, welcome back to liberty. you were here with president
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trump last year? >> mr. president was here and i was here with what is now our president of the united states and such an honor and privilege to be here, thank you for have us. >> has the campus changed a little bit. >> it's amazing. the growth from a year ago when i was here, the dorm back behind is wasn't completed. what you have done at this school and across the country is just amazing, and thank you. >> get the credit. if i weren't for at the students and their attitude, we were talking back stage about how you were at harvard recently. tell us about that. >> you know, i grew up in a town called lowell, massachusetts, not a town of privilege. i'm a blue collar guy who had the opportunity to be on an amazing ride with the most extraordinary candidate in the world, and harvard university called me and said, would you come up and be a visiting fellow? and i went up there, and the difference between what president fall well has done here and what they did at
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harvard is night and day. it's amazing how you understand what the real america is like and when you go to cambridge, massachusetts, they live in fantasy world. they are so entitled up there. they think that everybody owes them. they're the smart its, the greatest, the best, and what happened and what you guys have here is so different, and let me just give you one example. about five years ago they wouldn't let me slow my truck down in front of cambridge, massachusetts are because they hate everything that trump standded for. they hate at the fact he is a populist and wants to make america great again no a globalist, wants to make sure that the promises he made on the campaign trail are fulfilled as a president. they want rhetoric, they want things that make other countries great again, and it's so refreshing to come to a university where people care about their country again and it's okay to say merry
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christmas. and -- i have to tell you about your president. this is the honest to god truth and jerry knows, the president knows i'm a truth teller. the day the access hollywood tape came out on donald trump, i made one phone call. the only one i made. because cnn this, president of cnn called me and said i need you to come ontive right away. i called president falwell and i said, jerry, i need you to go on television in the next flee minutes. whatnot too you want me to say? because every time as a campaign manager to donald trump, i called the falwells and the falwell family, they showed up. they were there as a steadfast supporter of the president when nobody else was, and jerry and becky came out and they helped campaign, and they saw in donald trump, before anybody else did, what this country needed, and he said to me and i repeated it, he said my father always said, we're not electing a sunday school teacher. we're electing the next
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president of the out. and i went on television and i said that and that hit home to so many people. because what president falwell just talked about is the hypocrisy of the left. all these people who make accusations against other candidates, only to find out they're own house is not in order and what we have finally seen is some of the things are college back to haunt those very same people, and i'm so messed and privileged to be here at liberty university, thank you, president falwell, for the invitation. >> thank you. did notice the only time the president calls me to go on tv is when he is in real trouble. >> true. >> he says, i'm a warrior. i don't know where he gets that from. but our students are the ones that deserve the credit for what has happened here at liberty. it's them that makes liberty a special place, and -- [applause] >> we thank you guys for that. >> thank you. >> brenda wallace from lynchburg, a brave heart, pearl
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harbor, we were soldiers, sectat, he spoke at commencement a few years ago and went to his son's graduation at duke the next day and said he couldn't believe the difference in the attitude have students he said the same thing. at duke there was, we're entitled, we're the elite, we deserve the the best life. he said at liberty it was all about what to do to serve others and that's going to make you guys much more successful when you get out of here and you get in the real world, because those are oattributes that lead to true success, and i have to believe those guys at talk harvard are going to be working for you guys one day. >> that's the truth. president falwell is so right and so smart, and i've had the privilege of going to many of the so-called ivy league stools, stanford and oxnard, the same sense of entitlement. what you have here is something so very special that you don't have a sense of entitlement and what you will achieve here
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because of your education at this institution, and the values that you have come out of here with, are so much superior than all those entitled individuals at those ivy league schools who think that the world owes them. that's because the leadership that president falwell and the university has here. so i'm so thankful that you are here, and i have an 11-year-old daughter and she said to me, daddy, i want to go to harvard some day. said, baby, you'll never go to harvard. we don't care about the ivy league freaks. never go to happen. said you're going the greatest school that i've ever known, which is liberty university, and i was here -- [applause] >> some day, my 11-year-old, who i love more than life, is going apply for a school and i'm going to call president falwell and say, please let her in because i love her and she's going to sit in these very same seats you do
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and get the faith and the love and the blessings that you guys have here every day, because without that you cannot be successful. and that's what you get at this university. so thank you. >> corey called me last january on a saturday -- i'm not sure who called -- at 11:00 in the morning and said can you be in iowa at 5:00? we jumped on a plane. i said you have to pay for the plane. the lawyer says liberty can't pay for it. they paid for the plane and we were there and we showed up nor rally, full auditorium like this, and i said what am i here for? they said you're the moderator. i said, oh, okay. so, just trump and me went out on stage, and i asked the questions. luckily had on text, sean hannity and he gave me some ideas. we one oplane that night and i think i talked too much about liberty when i introduced him because the next morning, we were in another city, getting ready to do another rally, he
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said, jerry, after the rally i'm going to send you tout des moines to do some interviews. i said, i must have talked to much about liberty. then we did the second rally and i toned it down and afterwards he was like, who the hell needs trump. jerry is the smartest guy i know. that's what he said. excuse me my language. but he said -- after that -- [cheers and applause] after that he said, i want you to do the rest of the rallies now. so i learned my lesson after the first one. i never told you that story. anyhow, david, welcome to liberty. >> thank you for having me. >> we have not got top know each other but you were here a few weeks ago. >> i was just here down for constitution week about a month or so ago, and enjoyed my time here. i came here the first time in 1987. when i was just a kid. i was in my early 20s.
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working for senate mommity leader bob dole when he was running for president, and came here, and that weekend we had pat robertson with your dad and it was an amazing experience, and i've been blessed to be back many times since. actually have a junior in high school, so we're going to need a little help next year ourselves. she is actually a tremendous student. much better than her dad. and we're going to be looking to send her down here and we have -- we're blessed with four kids. we live right outside of washington, dc, and montgomery county, maryland, and maryland usually doesn't get that big a round of applause, i'll be honest with you. fairly liberal state. but thank you. and so i had the distinct honor and privilege of being the deputy campaign manager. i came in with steve bannon and kelly an conaway and ran the --
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kellian conway and ran the general election and was the executive director of the presidential transition team. helped in any little way of building the cabinet and recommending a lot of the folks for jobs, and trying to build out the white house. so it was a tremendous experience. i was there. i walked into the president's office in trump tower the night that the billy bush tape came out, and i believe the first phone call he made after he spoke to governor pence was to you help was on the phone with you when i walked into the office, and so i know what a special person and a special relationship you have with the president, and it is -- you have been a rock to him, and it has been a blessing to him, your relationship with him. i want to su thank you for that. you have seen him and help him threw a lot of issues over the
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years, and you can see his courage just this week with recognizing jerusalem as the capital, and what he has done -- he is the 13th president to say he would recognize jerusalem, but the first president to actually do it. and so it's been an amazing week of leadership coming from the white house. so i've had a privilege of knowing the president a long time, and maybe we'll get a chance to visit about that. >> any questions? >> dave, you have known among the three guests, you have known the president longer than anyone. got to know him in 2010 through steve wynn and want adviser to hem as he approached the 2016 election, and i guess my question is, the message of nationalism, america first, is that -- was that sincere?
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is that something -- a lot of people say trump is just about making money for himself, about his brand. how sincere is he in that message and has he been talking about that message from the beginning? and then obviously carried out into success. >> that's a great question, and if you look back throughout 20 or 30 years of videotape that is out there, videotape is what we used to use -- it's a -- you watch oprah winfrey interviews from 20 years ago, you see this president talking about bad trade deals, and what it takes for america to succeed economically around the world, and you see him talking about these blue collar issues, and we called him the blew collar billionaire because he connected with people, and so this has been something that has been true to him for a long time, and you're right. i got to know president trump
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not politically, and that's one of the things in our book, "let trump be trump" we try to talk about. we try to talk about the man, and his incredible kindness and how generous he is to all those around him. i'm just going share a personal story. i got a chance to know him. steve wynn is a friend of mine, famous las vegas casino magnate, and a successful businessman, and another marylander, i might add. he was helping me raise money for children's hospital in washington where my son, not just at that hospital but at many hospitals, had a series of four brain surgeries for a brain aneurysm and then two open heart surgeries. and he struggled for life as a
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baby, and i wanted to be able to help other children and other parents through raising money for children's hospital so the others could have what my son had, which is the best health care in the world, and it is through that steve wynn said, dave, i'm going to introduce you to donald trump who owns the property where you hold that charity event. he just bought it, by coincidence. he introduces me to then mr. trump. >> meet with him, and he is so kind and in the first meeting, he gave so much and allowed me to become part of his family, really. it was an amazing thing that he befriended my children over the years and helped me raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for children's hospital. >> why do you think media doesn't give him 0 more credit.
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>> the mainstream media wants to build him into this character, this caricature of somebody they want, a person who is a figure that people will dislike, and so i -- through this book and corey and i through "let trump be trump" tried to connect people with the man. it's the hind the scenes stories of the campaign. he tear otherwise faces often on the airplane and we were looking -- with or without a parachute we would have liked to get all the plane but he had an amazing experience with this man and he is just so kind and generous, and it's wound of the things that -- one of the things we wanted to -- i talk about my son's journey in the book. >> corey, talk about the media. it's safe to say he had an an
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antagonistic relation with the media but not always that way. how much as trump been able to take the anti-media sentiment that is shared by so many of his supporters, so many of americans -- has he been able to turn that intoed a an advantage and can you talk about the tweets? and what that was like from january 15 for 18 months, as sort of trump established himself as the front-runner. >> look, some day there will be a book that come outs that says "the tweeted that were never published." the greatest book ever written. if you think the ones he has put out already are good, you should see the ones we never put out. it's amazing what candidate trump had the opportunity to do with the fake news. he held them accountable for the first time in our lifetimes. we had a fighter who through this social media activity, facebook, twitter, instagram,
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has 100 plus million followers and can bypass the fake news, and just this week, not just during the campaign, where he fought back every tight and said there's a beauty from npr. that's beauty. what he did and what he had done is he has called out the fake news. this week we saw an abc reporter give a false story about donald trump and general flynn, and only through donald trump's sheer very rossty of attacking the media did abc recant the story and suspend the journalist. this we we can saw a story that bob mueller has spine subpoenaed bank reports, six hours later donald trump said that is not true. do they recant the story? but never in our lifetime have we had such a fighter in the oval office, and what the american people saw and many of you were here last year, when candidate trump was here, was a
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man who wakes up every day and fights what he believes in. i have to tell you one story because it's so important. one of the greats things that ever happen in my life. president trump is elected and he gets sworn in on january 20th and calls me and says, corey, he says, corey, i said, yes yes, sir, he said you never come visit me. this is february of this year, and he says would cow come see me the oval office, irsaid absolutely. never been there i'm a poor kid from lowell, madd. walk into the oval office and they're the leader of the free world behind the desk and to his far right, my left, i this vice president of the united states, and i stand at the precipice of the oval, right outside, and he looks at me and says, get in here. and i walk in to those hallowed grounds, the oval office, and he says, my man, come here.
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and he stands up and he gives me a hug and turns to the vice president of the united states and he says, mike, do you know who this is? and the vice president says, yes, sir, that's corey. and he says, mike, do you know who this is? and the vice president says, yes, sir, that's corey lewandoski. he says, mike, this is the guy who said you could be the vice president of the united states. i said, well, sir, 60 million people said that but i'm with you. and mike pence -- because i was the chairman of the vice presidential selection committee stood up and said, corey, will you take my chair? and i said, mr. vice president issue cannot do that. he said do me a favor. i said i'll do anything you ask. he said, would you pray with me. as we sat in the oval office, our leaders asked for god's help and forgiveness as they lead this great country and i've never been so humbled of anything in my whole life, and
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mike pence and donald trump are such great leaders, and mike pence sat there and we prayed together, the president of the united states, the vice president of the united states, myself, and nobody else in the room, and then after the vice president finished praying because he was going to represent our country at a speech, trump hid him on the shoulder and said, get the hell out of here. which is the greatest. i'll tell you. it is still amazing. >> so uncanny, we experienced almost the same thing. went up there in february, and we went and vice president pence's office first and what struck me is he has an open bible on his desk all the time and he reads its every day, and he so warm and welcoming and personallable, and we go into the president's office, and the president was the same way, just had a red button on his desk in a box, and i said what's that for right there? he said, everybody thinks that's the nuclear button. he pushed it. and a butler came in and brought him a dr. pepper.
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and so -- my daughter -- >> an important button. >> my daughter caroline said mr. president you look like you lost weight him said, yeah, they won't feed my anything here. he said i don't know if i haase lost weight but there's no scale in the white house. used to snack all day long but he said now they give -- remember on the plane he ate three cheese burgers. i remember on the plane asked be what thought of president obama. said seems like he is trying bring america to its knees and he stopped and said, corey, he yelled back, jerry thinks obama wants to bring the country to its knees. i don't know if mayor that. i'm get offering the sun. but anyway, at the end of the meeting with trump, after 30 minutes he said the same thing. y'all get out of here. and he -- that's just the way he is. makes everybody feel like he's their best friend. >> jerry, the fact that they
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pray in the oval office, they ask for god's blessing and god's forgiveness, should never be understated. that's the side of our leaders that the media doesn't want to show. that is the side where they ask for the strength of god to give them the ability to lead our great country into a path which is not been led in for the eight years of the previous administration. the media doesn't want to talk about that but donald trump and mike pence are men of faith and they have god in everything they do, and it is never reported how important that is for this administration. >> the faith -- that's right. our faith in christ is really what unites us cruise all political lines. you talked about redemption earlier. was with pat could dell and he said martin luther king was asked in the 60s, why are you a southern baptist? after they had been for segregation and haven't been on your side him said i am and i
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always will be because it's a redemption religion. the media tries to divide us, black from white, rich from poor, name it, just every category, women from men, and it is something that if we as christians can get past that, and love each other, love everybody, then i think then we'll see our country change. steve, tell us about your book. >> "let trump be trump" is a great book. i'm a third of the way through it and some of the story you heard today are in the book and you want to get it. their book is really more a lift the hood and look under and see what is going on. mine is more of an overview, and hillary clinton wrote a book called "what happened" and my book answers the question. and that is that god intervened in this election. in the direction that our country was going. there are millions of christians
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praying and god answered our prayers in a way we did not expect, with the person we didn't even necessarily like initially until we got to know him more, and i'm trying to say that god is sovereign. you talk about the mainstream media. they don't talk about god at all, unless it has something to do with right wing politics. but god is sovereign no matter who is in the white house him lifts people up. the bible says that. and i believe that god put him in the white house. in fact former congressman bob mccune said this week -- i was at meeting and she said, if you cannot see god's hand on donald trump, you are deaf, dumb, and blind. and i believe that. >> one of our favorite speakers here. robert, i guess if it's for both
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of you. it's been said that trumpism is bigger than trump, and i wonder what you think about that. this president will be up for re-election in 2020. and you see what is happening to him in the approval ratings and that sort of thing. remains to be seen what happen betweens now and then. but my question is, after he is gone, whether he runs again and serves out a second term or not, does what his message, does that go beyond him? bigger than he is? >> i'll go quickly. donald trump was elected as a change agent and i think that's going to continue to be that movement, the trump movement, is that washington, dc has been broken for a long time, and it doesn't work for the american people. think we can all see that. no matter what age you are, you can be just as frustrated as
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anybody else that washington, dc is not working for us, and donald trump told the american people during the campaign that, i am a change agent. i'm going to go and fix the broken status quo and i am going to kick in a couple of doors and i'm going to flip over a couple of desks and make the establishment uncomfortable. and we can see that's the pushback that he gets around washington, dc for the last ten months. they're a little bit afraid of him and what he will do, and so i believe this tax reform package, which just passed the senate last week, is really the first big legislative victory of the president but kind of a straw that might break the camel's back. maybe with one big victory the president is going to be able to succeed at very big ways over time. think that the trumpism continues well president trump is gone.
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>> talk about this a lot in the book. let trump be trump. what he did during that election was unparalleled. the way he saw the pulse of the american people. the way he tapped into that. not just here at convocation but across the country. people were turning out in droves, and in the book we talk about how the mainstream media never gave him credit. heard this all the tame others the campaign manager, people would wait eight hours in a blizzard to get into a donald trump rally in massachusetts and they'd say, those people aren't going to show up on the polls. these people aren't real. donald trump won't be success. jeb bush is a little rusty because he hand run for years. donald trump had never run for 70 years, nose part of the shrimp talk about in the book how we completely disemboweled the republican establishment,
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dedestroyed the genius inside sheer very very rossty of his schedule. it ignited people who had not been involved in politics for 30 years. go for michigan, pennsylvania, wisconsin, where republicanes don't win anymore and they said we're tired of the lies in washington and we write what david said. was has been so broke and donald trump said i will fix it. for the first time any lifetime, and yours as well, we have a businessman in the oval office who is not stymied by 30 years of washington, dc dogma of the with a it's always been done, and one quick story is, we have this great trading partner, called taiwan. maybe you heard of it. and the president of taiwan, she calls up the white house. calls donald trump, in trump tower, right after he is elected and he is sitting at his beautiful desk on the 26th
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26th floor and pratt falwell knows and i've been there many time and the woman says that's the president of taiwan on line one, and 19 of the guyed from foggy bottom saying we do not recognize taiwan. you cannot take that phone call help says, excuse me in the president of taiwan. what do they want? sir, she she'd like to congratulate you. sir, do not take the phone call. it will destroy our relationship with china. hello, binge. bing, because he doesn't care. we're putting america first now and he is not beholding to the special interests in washington. that's what we write about. he is the blue collar billionaire, man who fund his own campaign and doesn't care the way it used to be done because he wants to do what is right for america. >> another example of that he was meeting with a group of evangelicals last year, maybe 2015, and i said we like you, mr. president, but we can't support you because of the johnson amendment. we're not allowed because of the
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irs. we all had tax exempt organizations. we can't endorse you. he said what are you talking about they planned to him the johnson amendment that lyndon john sowssed a oto a bill in the '50s and took away the free speech rights of people like me and pastors and he said, i'm going to get rid of that. and sure sure enough, he kept his promise and another big thing he did for evangelicals he gave pastors ands have nonprofit organizations, like this one, the right to speak -- have political free speech and you might have something to comment about that. >> this is significant because i've never even heard of a politician talking about the johnson amendment, yet it's very -- you're the nonprofit world. you know about it. isn't it interesting how fast that donald trump got it. he didn't have to draw him a picture. he figured it out quick and said, it's wrong and fixed it with executive action but also says he's going to get legislation through, and i
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believe he will to fix it permanently. and this is just an example of the leadership that he is giving this country which just confounds everybody. but it gets back to what i said in my book, is that god had a plan and he raised him up for such a time as this and he is continuing to bless him. >> johnson amendment is one of the first things talked about when he came here. >> 2 corinthians. other than 2 corinthians. >> actually that's a lot of people say it that way. >> i don't know if john robertson is here but his family influenced the president's thinking on the johnson amendment a lot. phil robertson, his grandfather, spent a lot of time in his ear about it and it was -- i was there a lot when they were talking about it. always a wonderful thing to have that family around him.
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>> back to something you said, corey, about career politicians. i think the american people heave first those guys out and don't want them knee. the question is whether the republican party will get start and stop running them against democrats. in virginia they ran one against the democrat and he lost, and i think it's going to keep happening over and over. we need some more nontraditional candidate. how to recruit people from the private sector do what robert hurt did, come in, serve for six years and get out of there. >> i can tell you, that's great idea-robert. get you off this campus maybe again one day. but, look, i actually got my start in politics on a college campus in 1984. which makes me really old, i know. but it is -- i was there for ronald reagan's re-election campaign, at the university of maryland, and it was a
3:40 pm
tremendous, tremendous thing to cut my teeth and get interested in the conservative movement, and i hope that each of you will consider getting involved in your communities, getting involved -- doesn't have to be in politics but figure people out, think about it, ask questions. that is the most important thing you can do as young folks and be active and engaged. so, look, cory, i'm just going to wrap up. corey and i talk about in our book that the ferocity of the campaign and schedule. it was run by about -- it was six or ten of us that were the core group, and the president was 70 or 71 help he was running, and he drove us into the ground. his physical stamina, his motor ran at an unbelievable speed it and was fed by fastfood. i don't know if you have seen the media explosion over his diet of mas -- had four food
3:41 pm
groups, mcdonald's, kentucky fried chicken, pizza and diet coke. that was the fuel for the campaign. we have funny stuff, whether we're progression the president's pants on the plain wheel he is still wearing them. had to be very okay. or our diets or just how we would fill five or six stadiums a day, ten, 15, 20,000 people a day, three different time zones, across the country, day in and day out, and hillary clinton was having trouble filling a high school cafeteria. and that was when we knew, we knew, we had the finger on the pulse of the american people and what election day might beholds. >> that's great advice. take note. get your careers established, do
3:42 pm
something outside politics and then when you're ready, go in and serve for just a short time and then go back to what you're doing, you'll have a better perspective for what is needed for the country than anybody who spent her while lives in politics. believe that. >> president falwell, you're so right. career politicians destroyed our country. it was never meant to be a lifestyle. we just saw congressman conyers resign in disgrace. he was elected in 1962 or something. >> he's 65. >> this is insane. go out, have a productive career, create jobs, do something of value, don't go to washington and say, this is the best job i've ever had because that's what happens, and they take these guys out of washington and pine boxes because they leave when the 97 years old if they're lucky. all they want to do is be career politicians and they've done
3:43 pm
nothing, and what the donald trump revolution has showed us is that when you create jobs, and you create value and you create a business and you employ people, the american people respect that and that is what they want in washington. so, go out and do something different, then spend -- than spend your life in politics. >> that's exactly right, and one of my colleagues up in washington, who is a true hero of the conservative movement, and a 25 year friend of mine, is amy paul, and i don't if maggie is in in the audience, sophomore here, your mom is one of the greatest leaders in conservative movement and a tremendous patriot and i don't know if you're here but i'd love to say hi to you afterwards if possible. >> also, hannah langford his a student her, her dad was in the ministry ran for senator, won in oklahoma.
3:44 pm
my guess is he probably will go back to what he was doing before. we need more of that. i just realized we're completely out of time and i promised them we would get them out early. i was having too much fun. sorry. but we -- both of the books, steve's and dave's and corey's, we're going to give a special deal for students, five bucks appease for -- no. no six pucks apiece or two for opportunity bucks. >> we'll be here to sign them. >> they will be here to sign them on both sides, right? maybe all over there. any how, god bless. you're miffed. thank you. >> thank you.
3:45 pm
>> you're watching booktv. >> good afternoon, please take your seats. we're tying to stay on time here. i'd like to get started as soon as possible. good afternoon, i'd like to welcome you back to this session at miami book fair 2017. if you are here this morning, and you kno

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